It’s a been a while…

September 2, 2014

It’s time to dust off the cobwebs on this site. Had to remove some of the links on the left, and over time, I hope to add on some that are more current and relevant to my life right now. So what’s new:

  • I left Singapore in 2012, at the request of my husband, and it was mainly so that he can return to his company’s HQ.
  • I have been living in Marin county. First at Larkspur, and earlier this year, we moved to downtown San Rafael to be closer to amenities (the Singaporean in me needs to be close to something!) I have to say that we are lucky to have found a place near 2 Asian supermarkets, Trader Joe and Whole Foods.
  • I am working in a very prestigious consulting firm at the San Francisco financial district, and so far, my Singaporean work ethic has paid off. That, as well as attending our yearly company retreats at Terranea Resort have been the highlight of my tenure. My colleagues are mostly MD/PHD-holders, elite ivy league grads and yet some of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met.
  • I paid my first federal + state tax to Uncle Sam, and the amount was not pretty. In this case, the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side.
  • It’s apparently not too late to enjoy Disneyland, and we enjoyed it FOC! #gratismuch
  • We survived our first San Diego Comic Con! I hope to write a guide on how to survive your first SDCC, though I feel this guide could be summed up in 3 words: Foldable Lawn Chairs.
  • Living in the Bay Area = attending a variety of music festivals (Bottlerock Napa, Rock The Bells, Outside Lands, etc), quirky parades (Bay to Breakers, Pride, Cherry Blossom, Carnaval, etc) and lots of notable sporting events (Golden State Warrior, SF Giants, Oakland As, San Jose Earthquake, Real Madrid vs Inter Milan, USA vs Azerbaijian, etc). Photo albums and pictures can be found on my Google+  and Instagram.

There are tons to talk about, but the above pretty much sums it up. I will make it a point to consistently update this blog. I feel there are some wisdom I can share regarding:

  1. Immigration process (how to not screw up your visa application like I did)
  2. Frugal, hipster-ish living in the US (basic necessities can be more expensive in California!)
  3. Maybe shopping tips here and there
  4. Some travel tips (how to be TSA-smart)
  5. Surviving a US workplace (where termination can happen in the blink of an eye)
  6. How a Singaporean can learn to integrate into the society here (nothing too major, but there are unspoken things every Singaporean planning to live here need to take note or abide by)
  7. My current obsessions – hemp seed oil, TV series Outlander and Masters of Sex, Uber (since 2013), and coming soon, cat cafes/parks

As always, I will quality-rant about Liverpool FC, football and sports from time to time. The activist in me might even cover some sensitive topics. Feel free to get in touch with me if you are eager to find out more about any of the mentioned topics/events. Till next time…

My First Involvement in Football Podcast

October 19, 2011

And i was, for the lack of a better word, shiet! Listening to myself utter rubbish was definitely a new low on my attempt to break into the male-dominated industry of football punditry/sports journalism. Who am I kidding? I’m not technical in my football knowledge and it does not help that I was ill-prepared. But rather than wallow in self-pity, I just have to pick myself up and work harder.

Hubby mentioned that I would need to take up a public speaking course because I stumble a lot on my sentences, and I took so long to find the right word sometimes. What can I say…I was initimidated. Neil Humphreys, Mayur Bhanji and Jason Dasey were season pros when it comes to footie talk. Chris reckoned I’d need a few drinks to loosen. He did give me a neat idea to have an all-girls podcast.

“So what do you think of mohawks everyone is sporting” “Who’s hotter: Torres or AVB?”

I wish I could impress Jason Dasey more but the nerves and mental exhaustion (read: lack of sleep) got the better of me.

In the meantime, feel free to have a listen. Let the bashing and facepalms begin:

Liverpool Training Session @ Bishan Stadium, Singapore

July 24, 2011

Prelude: Blogger, her husband and friends had gone to watch the Reds thrash Malaysia XI the day before at Bukit Jalil Stadium.

We returned to Singapore at around 2pm after a non-stop 4-hour drive from Midvalley. Needless to say, we were extremely pooped and I was unsure if we should even drop by Bishan to catch a glimpse of the squad. We didn’t have any tickets but had this crazy idea of gate crashing or paying someone handsomely for the training passes. After a bit of coaxing from the husband, I garnered whatever strength I have left and headed to the northern part of Singapore.

Things got off to a shaky start, when we missed the turn into the stadium car park (I blame Google Maps). That’s nothing. Upon arrival, we asked around if we could purchase the admission tickets, but were told that they were only given to Standard Chartered staff. Major bummer! Nevertheless, hubby and I decided to stick around, and managed to find a sweet spot where we figured the team bus will stop. We would have been contented snapping photos of the lads (this was the exhaustion throwing in the towel).

My head turned to the left, and lo and behold, saw a dear friend who is an ardent Liverpool supporter. Yelled across the usual “Long time no see”, “Bo jio!” (The Singapore slang of “why didn’t you ask me along?”). Idzwan found out we didn’t have tickets and after a brief catch-up, he went in to take his seat. Head turned to the left again, and this time round, a middle-aged woman was announcing out loud if anyone wanted free passes, as she and her companion are not interested to watch the training session (WTF?!?). Before I could react, she gave them to a nearby couple, and I immediately conceded that there would be no chance of us going to watch Liverpool today.

Felt a pat on my left shoulder, turned around and Idzwan was flashing 2 pieces of red flyers in front of me. “Hey, I happen to have 2 extra passes, so you owe me now!”. Without hesitation, I snatched them, hugged him and punched my hand in the air, like as if I struck lottery. OMG…what are the odds!?! So in we went into the stadium, and immediately found seats above the dressing room.

It felt like we were at Melwood, watching Liverpool players train. They stretched, ran around the pitch twice, did shuttle runs, goalies did their own warm-ups at the goal post opposite where we are. Ian Rush came out to watch. Crowd was upbeat, but not too rowdy. At one point, it became a rather quiet affair, almost too eerily silent for comfort. There was a heckler amongst the supporters, and his main target was Jonjo Shelvey. Can’t imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for the youngster, hearing his name being cheered almost every 5 minutes. Daniel Ayala got a “Como Estas” from the heckler. Claire from LFCTV was not spared either: “Claire, we miss you…2 years is a long time!” – a reference to Liverpool’s last visit to the Lion City in 2009.

The lads took turn taking shots and Andy Carroll couldn’t seem to get the ball at the back of the net, and this frustrates some fans, because out of nowhere, somebody shouted “Andy, you’re shiet!” Maxi and Kuyt had no problems netting goals; Martin Kelly acknowledged the crowd when he scored. A couple of observations: when training began, some players (Maxi, Insua, Meireles, etc) formed their own clique to juggle the ball amongst themselves. Aquilani looked like an outcast with his head hung low most of time and giving off the outcast vibes (perhaps because nobody speaks Italian?). Crowd favourites are Dani Agger (ladies love him), Kuyt (always acknowledging the fans) and of course, Jonjo Shelvey! Was a priceless experience overall, even though I cannot help but feel let down by Stevie G! Twice already, Stevie…when can I watch you up close in person!?! Photos coming soon.

Conclusion: Blogger hopes to get lucky and pull off the same “gate crashing” manoeuvres if she ever visits Anfield in the near future.

Our Wedding Video

April 26, 2011

Secial thanks to Jeremy, Jasmine and Kenny for helping out with the videography.

And kudos to Jemo for waking up early despite getting smashed the night before at his brother’s wedding reception.

More Wedding Links

March 16, 2011

Our wedding photographers posted wedding-related photos on their respective blogs/websites/fb:-

Kiera Roxanne (aka Natasha Salleh) posted a picture of my henna-fied hands on her tumblr

Update on 18/03/2011: Nat just posted our wedding photos on her Flickr:

Wee Lian posted our pre-wedding photoshoot on the blog of his official website

My cousin, Izhar, posted a photo album teaser of the wedding reception.
He can be found in Facebook under Izhar Rizman.

More photos on the way…


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